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Sophie, The Hertfordshire and Essex High School


This book was extremely readable. I read it in under two days! Friday night I read half and finished Saturday morning. It really captures you attention and brings you into reality of a troubled teenaged boy's life. Adam is gay, yet his extremely religious parents disagree with his relationship choices. They are homophobic which affects his day to day life. In addition, there is an on going back story which is full of fantasy and excitement. This also shows how such a little thing (pricking yourself on a thorn) and lead to such a big outcome in life; this was the moral of this story.
If I was to improve this book any more than it is, the I would make it a bit longer. The story was quite short (but readable) and so I read it really quickly and wanted to read more but it had finished. It also shows how friendship is needed in your life. Adam's and Angela's is so close and great that he confides in her all the time which just shows how your friends can become your family!

Posted on: 27th March 2018 at 02:16 pm

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