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Emmie, Backwell School

Wolf Hollow

I loved this book so much ! I thought that is was really well thought out and written . I liked how the story was told by Annabelle as she is the same age as me so I could relate to her a lot more than I could if she was older!

I found the plot of this book really gripping and I couldn't stop reading it ! Throughout the story the plot kept on twisting and changing so you kept on wanting to know what was going to happen next. The end of the story I did find it very sad especially when I found out the truth about Toby .

In this book there were lots of characters, some come and go, some are in the story the whole time and some unfortunately stop being in the story near the beginning! My favourite character was Toby because I kind of felt sorry for him especially when I found out who he really was at the end of the book . I didn't like Bettie because of how mean she was to so many innocent people and how she blamed Toby for so many things !

In conclusion to this I would rate this book 9 out of 10 stars just because for book to be 10 out of 10 it needs to be one the best books I have read ever. Wolf Hollow is up there but I feel like I have read better books before, it was still so incredible and gripping and I did really love it !

Posted on: 14th May 2017 at 09:06 pm

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