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Marcus, Horndean Carnegie Connoisseurs


Rook is a disappointing book that fails to build on the handful of good and positive ideas. It is based on an adolescent boy named Nicky, responsible for looking after his kind and honest older brother named Kenny, who has learning difficulties. They have a problematic life, struggling to get by. Nicky is not helped by the fact he is the target of a school bully known as ‘Stanno’ who is insecure about his epilepsy. Nicky also happens to like the bully's sister Sarah, who seems to have the reverse personality of her brother.

Although Rook has a positive message and the relationship between the two main characters, Kenny and Nicky, who enjoy nursing wild animals, was warming, the plot is unoriginal and predictable and has seemed to roughly copy the storyline of the award winning "Boy in the Dress" by David Walliams

Rook is a disappointing story, packed full of crude humour and unrealistic sets of events and it is unclear who it is supposed to be aimed at. Looking at the enlarged text and the simplistic vocabulary, not to mention the cringe-worthy toilet humour, you would think that it is aimed at younger children. Yet it is based on and adolescent and is packed full of unnecessary profanity. In conclusion, this book is dull and unrealistic, and completely lacks any originality. For those looking for a better yet similar read, I would recommend The Boy in the Dress.

Posted on: 27th March 2018 at 08:29 pm

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