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Sophia, Keep Calm and Carnegie


“Too common and too scruffy and too much trouble. Bit like us, eh?”

Rook was a very enjoyable read.

It is about a boy called Nicky who lives with his dad, his dad's girlfriend and his brother who weren't living too comfortably until recently. At school he's picked on by three boys, is very embarrassed by his friends (and to top it all off) has a major crush on his bully's sister.
Although it has a happy ending, this story is about hard and sad times for the main character.

Most importantly, the sub-plot with Rooky the Rook was absolutely perfect. I liked how the book started with a chapter on how the bird got injured by a sparrowhawk. But seeing Rooky's health declining and strengthening matching with Nicky's mood was what really stole the show for this book.

Though some of the characters could have been a little more developed (Jonno and Ben had literally no purpose) I did enjoy the book and would recommend to those who want a quick yet very well written read.


- Sophia

Posted on: 27th March 2018 at 08:37 pm

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