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Nathaniel, Chobham Academy Book Group

Wolf Hollow

(*Caution, there's a point where this'll contain spoilers*)
I really like this book as it's very tense at points and really calm at others. I think that the setting of a small village is very creative as it allows for different things that we wouldn't usually see. I really like some of the characters as they are the type of people you'd see around in a small village, the close friends, the nosy neighbour,the man who keeps to himself and the new girl that's a bully. I really like Toby because he's a similar sort of person to me. He keeps to himself, he likes the quiet and he wanders around the forests. I really like the way it's written, I really like the first person perspective, it made me more involved in the novel as it felt like it was me. Everything that happens to Annabelle I can understand as it's followed by her thoughts. As a result of these the story feels more fluent and is easy to picture. (*Spoilers*) When Betty was found in the well I felt the sorrow that Annabelle felt, the knowledge that Toby had done nothing wrong but was being blamed really made me feel sad for him because I knew he' done nothing wrong. This story has brought me close to tears a few times, these parts were the death of Betty (although I never actually liked her)and the news of Toby's murder. I can't blame them for killing Toby, they were just doing their job. These parts brought me close to tears as they were sudden and involved characters I (sort off in the case of Betty) liked.
Overall I think this was a very good book and very emotional. I recommend that if you get the chance, read it.

Posted on: 15th May 2017 at 10:00 am

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