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Freya, LVS Greenaway Shadowers

A Great Big Cuddle

A Great Big Cuddle’s illustrations are so detailed that you really get to imagine the poems. The pictures match perfectly but some of them are slightly old-fashioned. Perhaps Chris Riddell (illustrator) is aiming this to the parents so they can go back to the memories of their childhood when buying the book for their children.
The quality of the illustrations are very consistent throughout the book. I like how he uses different types of shades for the illustrations to make them really stand out. The size and the shape of the book is appropriate because although it looks big it fits with the sizes and types of the poems.
The pictures enhance the text by making it easier and clearer to make the poems worthwhile. The illustrations are really eye-catching but at the same time clear. I find it amazing that he doesn’t use out lines he just goes straight into it, expressing the poems with the pictures.
The book offers new experiences by e.g.; by the mouse getting lost and wanting to go down the stairs and doing things that you wouldn’t expect. I’d say the book is really for 2-6 years old. The book is extremely good and I would recommend it to any parents of younger children.

Posted on: 15th May 2017 at 10:51 am

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