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Eric, The Hewett Academy Norwich

Wolf Hollow

A bittersweet tale, Wolf Hollow has a saddening plot mixed with dramatic irony and a depressing ending.

A girl named Annabelle lives with her extended family on a farm during the second world war. Annabelle and children from her village all go to one overcrowded school, in which one day she meets a Betty, a horrible bully. The story continues on, but many twists keep you on edge throughout.

The book has a good amount of detail and depicts gore, sadness and locations in a periodic and creative way. There aren't any flashbacks or different POVs, but how Annabelle sees the world works very well anyway. At certain points, you get unsure whether or not to feel joyful or upset, as the situations can question your morality.

Summing Wolf Hollow up, the whole book is filled with mysteries and questions, painful misunderstandings and horrific scenes.

I recommend Wolf Hollow to people of age 10 and up.


Posted on: 15th May 2017 at 11:02 am

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