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Connor, LVS Greenaway Shadowers

A Great Big Cuddle

The illustrator’s personal style is a very creative and his distinctive type of writing because he has taken a lot of time over his work and made it so that it stands out to the people that are reading. The style might not work always or most of the time because sometimes it might be a bit over the place because it might be in one corner then it might be in the next. There is a concept of quality of illustrations thought the book so it makes the book much more interesting and colourful so that the book can catch the eye of some young reader.
The typography is very integral because everything is very clear, so and it format is easy to see and you can read it with much ease. The format draws the reader in because the text and the reader is able to see the pictures really easily and doesn’t need to really look that hard any point at the pictures. The size of the book might be a little too big because it not like you carry it in a plastic bag it would either rip or it will fall out because its so big. It’s not used in a bad way because the words fill up most of the page.
The finger story for example has a visual theme of fingers so that means that it’s going to talk about fingers so that’s why there is a monkey and a little boy playing with their fingers. The illustrations are related to the text because of the description of each story can relate to the picture. The images and the text are both consistent with each other and are easy to follow.

Posted on: 15th May 2017 at 11:19 am

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