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Lucy, BSG

Where the World Ends

Where the World Ends by Geraldine McCaughrean was an okay and interesting book but didn’t really touch me in a way that books tend to. It was quite a slow read but an easy one and is definitely easy enough for younger audiences but the death scenes were slightly gruesome. I enjoyed it to an extent to finish it but not to the extent that made me actually recommend it to anyone else or probably read it again.
Set in 1727, the book was about a group of boys and men that are stranded on some rocks to hunt birds to eat. They are supposed to be collected at the end of summer but no one actually comes. The group have to survive together for a year before they’re rescued and can go back home. The story centres around Quill and his struggles trying to keep the group happy.
I think that McCaughrean is a good author but this book wasn’t one I particularly enjoyed. The character development was good and the elements are definitely there for people who like this type of book. The ending was nice in the way that it summerised and concluded the book well, but for me it wasn’t a good ending in itself.Unfortunately, the book wasn’t for me but I’m sure others will definitely enjoy it. 3/5

Posted on: 28th March 2018 at 12:58 pm

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