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Angelina, LVS Greenaway Shadowers

A Great Big Cuddle

Every now and then everyone is in need of a great big cuddle, so for the whole family I can enjoy introducing: A Great Big Cuddle! This playful poem book has a colourful personality. Targeted at Key Stage 1 there’s nothing better than a classic poetry book. Written by Michael Rosen and beautifully illustrated by Chris Riddell this is a guaranteed smile.
This book is very well illustrated and has a creative and distinctive style. Chris Riddell has a smokey and old-fashioned edge to his pictures which add a gentle effect. In addition, he has appropriate sizings to his drawings- for example, a drawing of an elephant took up nearly the whole page whereas a drawing of a tiny mouse was the smallest illustration in the book.
I would suggest the age range to be from 2-7 years. These vibrant illustrations add a splash of joy and complement the poem very well which pulls you in to read more. The covers do an amazing job at giving you an insight or a ‘sneaky peek’ of the talented illustrations within. These vivid drawings also enhance the understanding of the book for younger readers.
Overall I would say this book has a lovely, realistic, child-friendly drawings and helps the poems to unfold.

Posted on: 15th May 2017 at 11:22 am

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