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Matthew, Norwich School

Wed Wabbit

The cover of Wed Wabbit is simple, so doesn't show anything about the book. Personally I didn't really enjoy the book because I'm not really sure if there is an age suitable for it. It needs a fairly bright person to understand the plot, but the book itself is very silly and childish. On a positive note though, the characters are introduced to you well. Lissa Evans shows us their personality, she doesn't tell. For example, it never says Fidge is a determined, character with lots of ideas, but you gather that image of her throughout the story. The same with Graham. The ending to the book was all that I expected really, as Minnie basically explains what is going to happen at the end on her toy phone. The whole book was just based around the clues to get out of Wimbeley Land, and they weren't really that hard to figure out. So overall, this book was not my favourite, however the structure and technical sides were good.

Posted on: 28th March 2018 at 02:01 pm

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