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Alex Collins, Chobham Academy Book Group


So far I have read roughly half way through the story Beck and I have been quite surprised about the language involved in the story and some of the topics we go over with the character of Beck.

The childish looking cover and the small blurb made me assume it was going to be quite a tame read, which for a book of such an appearance is what I and other raiders would typically expect. I found after only a few pages a rather excessive use of swearwords which even for teenagers is a bit unneeded and
secondly the subject matter is rather adult as well for example the main character gets groomed and raped, which I didnt' find particularly distressing or interesting just unneeded in a book aimed to a teenage audience.

To be fair though there are some interesting elements in the story such as the way he's treated in early 20th century Britain and Canada due to his race and the historical elements included such as bootleggers in america. I haven't finished yet although I am sure theres many other interesting elements as well.

Posted on: 30th March 2017 at 01:28 pm

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