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Hanna, BSG

Saint Death

Saint Death by Marcus Sedgwick is a thriller following the story of Arturo and Faustino as they try to get $5000 in order to stay alive no matter what they have to do. It is set on the US/Mexico border and addresses several current issues including migration, poverty and even death.

I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would after I read the blurb. This is because of the well-planned plot, style of writing and incredible character development. Although the book is set over only 36 hours, because of the way the book is structured, the reader learns the character's aspirations, fears and hopes without having information shoved down the reader's throats making the characters seem believable and convincing. The way the book was written was unique but I enjoyed it. Fitting into the setting, there is an occasional word of Spanish. This is effective because it enhances the setting without being hard to understand and distracting. The plot is constantly moving forward even if this is not evident immediately to the reader. The ending of the book is absolutely devastating but it manages to give closure without giving everything away. Despite not being what the reader wants, the ending makes sense considering the character development. There were some questions that were left open to the reader that perhaps should have been answered.

I would say that is book is appropriate for my age group if the reader is mature. I would definitely recommend Saint Death to other readers and I will seek out other books by Marcus Sedgwick. I would definitely read this again since I enjoyed it and there are probably other well-hidden details I missed.

Posted on: 28th March 2018 at 06:41 pm

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