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Lucy, BSG

Saint Death

Saint Death by Marcus Sedgwick surprised me as it was better than I expected. However I did not fully enjoy it. The use of Spanish sometimes confused me when the characters were talking about gangs and America but it did add to the authenticity of the book.
Anapra is one of the poorest neighbourhoods in the Mexican City of Juarez and it is where many drug lords run their gangs. One person trapped in this web is Faustino who has stolen money entrusted to him. He calls on the help of his once best friend and brother to help him but the stakes are high and Arturo is buckling under the pressure so he calls on Saint Death to help him.
This book is not something that I’d usually pick out for myself so I don’t think it suited my reading tastes very well but it was definitely an interesting insight into Mexican drug wars and the plight for America (even though it says in the book that most Mexicans return back home to Mexico). I couldn’t quite place how old the characters are because they seemed very young but yet mature and old in their ways of life. Thinking that they were in their late twenties seems rational but they were out of school not that long ago but thinking that they were younger seems strange because Eva already has a child. I liked that plot twist very much as it made Eva and Arturo seem more human because they made ‘mistakes’ too.
The characters didn’t seem very realistic to me but trust just might be because what they do in life and what I will do when I’m their age is probably drastically different. The ending was brilliant though. It summed up everything nicely and I think that that would be what the character would definitely have done. Saving his best friend and his own dignity felt very natural for Arturo and however shocking the ending may be, I liked it very much. I feel like I didn’t enjoy the book as a whole as such though but it intrigued me to see such a controversial subject displayed for all to see. I might not read it again or recommend it to anyone else but it was a nice book which I don’t regret reading. 3/5

Posted on: 29th March 2018 at 08:14 am

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