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Amelie, St Helen and St Katharine


I found the beginning of this book quite slow but by chapter three I was hooked! I thought that the plot was well constructed – the author tells the story in a way that makes you feel like the main character, Nicky, is telling you the story personally. I found that the events were very believable and related to the title of the book – Rook – very well. McGowan ties up all the loose ends, although I was slightly worried that he wouldn’t! The characters acted and spoke exactly like they would if they were real and they used the right type of language, apart from on one occasion (but I won’t tell you about that as it will ruin the plot for you). His characters stay the same throughout the whole book, which is really helpful because you can then keep track of the plot and how they are feeling. McGowan manages to reveal emotions really well through the characters’ dialogue and actions. He is also very good at making sure the characters’ responses are appropriate to what has just been said or done – the plot is very realistic. As you have probably guessed, this book is about a rook but it is also about two brothers. The health of the rook mirrors the emotions of the boy, Nicky. I found McGowan’s style very clever and I liked how he used a lot of narrative but didn’t overwhelm the dialogue – I found that this really helped move the story along. He also used the right length of sentences depending on the mood he is creating. Overall I liked this story. It isn’t written in a style I usually enjoy and it was sad at times but the ending is uplifting and I would recommend it for bedtime reading.

Posted on: 29th March 2018 at 08:32 am

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