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Megan, St Helen and St Katharine


I don’t think I’ve ever saved a bird before; usually our cat gets to them before I do. That is why this book appealed to me, because Kenny and Nicky (the main characters) are both focussed on the bird of the title and it’s the centre of their lives.
The rook was attacked by a sparrow hawk when Kenny and Nicky come and find it nearly dead. They both tend to it with the help of their Dad and his girlfriend.
Nicky has other troubles, he has a girlfriend, but the school bully Stanno is her brother. When Stanno has an epileptic fit during school after being pushed by Nicky, Nicky gets called into the office. Nicky explodes, swearing at the Head teacher and is expelled because of it.
But his girlfriend saves him by explaining that Stanno was going to have a fit any way and it wasn’t all Nicky’s fault. He musters up the courage to say sorry and after a three day suspension he is back at school.
Back at home the rook is slowly getting better at a special bird hospital, soon he will fly again!
I enjoyed the book but I found it simple and easy to read, reading it very quickly.

Posted on: 29th March 2018 at 08:40 am

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