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Olly, Chiswick School

Saint Death

Saint Death is a book set in and around the Mexico and American borders. It follows the story of a man called Arturo and his struggle in the gang infested and unlawful town of Anapra. This is first shown to us at the very beginning of the book when a drive-by shooting occurs in the streets. We see the police not really care about the situation and just treat the incident like it happens everyday. The story build up occurs when on of Arturo's friends finds himself looking for someone to loan him money, naturally Arturo agrees to help him by winning a game of Cavalera to earn his friend $1000 dollars. This goes downhill when he finds himself playing cards with a gang boss who his friend owes money to and ends up going $5000 dollars in debt to this man. In my opinion the build up to this story kind of loses you and has a tendency to dull the experience, in some occasions you'll find that the book has some thrilling scenes in it but otherwise not really. However this slow build up does work in the ending when everything that has happened to Arturo in the book finally comes to an ending.

Posted on: 29th March 2018 at 11:25 am

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