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Aisha, Palmers Green High School

Wed Wabbit

Web Wabbit' is a book by Lissa Evans, which follows the path of Fidge, the main protagonist. Fidge has a four-year-old sister called Minnie, who loves a book called Wimbley Woo and has a toy Wimbley called Wed Wabbit. After her sister gets into an accident, Fidge goes to her cousin Graham's (who is scared of nearly everything: toast, stairs, the dark to name a few) house, ties Wed Wabbit in a knot and throws it down the cellar stairs. After throwing Graham's 'transitional' toy down the stairs, they both get transported to the Land of Wimbley Woo. Fidge and Graham team up with one of Minnie's other toys - Ella the Elephant - and Dr Carrot - Graham's transitional toy. Together, they help to stop Wed Wabbit, who has become a dictator, and stop the land from turning colourless and free of joy. Also, Fidge and Graham try to get back home.

I would give this book a 5/5 because it is an excellent read, especially when they arrive in the Land of Wimbley Woo. Furthermore, the characters' developments are really exciting and engages you. It is definitely a page turner. My favourite character development was Graham's because at first he was easily frightened, had no manners at all and was good at insulting, but not at complementing. By the end of the book, Fidge and him become close and Graham learns to overcome his fears, is polite and complements others as much as he is complemented. Fidge also has a good development as she becomes happy with the Wimbley Woos and learns to be happy with nit only Graham, but also with Wimbley Woos in general and how far bravery and determination can take you.

I extremely enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it to readers who love solving prophecies, rhymes and juts love and joy.

Posted on: 29th March 2018 at 05:53 pm

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