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Maria, St Bede's Inter-Church School

The Smell of Other People's Houses

I really enjoyed reading this book, as it was engaging and really well written. The fact that the four main characters and their stories started out as being completely separate, but then as the story went on, gradually started becoming entwined and started drawing together was one of the best things about the book. Not only that, but the separate stories were very well written, but at some points they were a bit predictive, which I found slightly annoying. Also, in the first few chapters I found some of the characters slightly confusing as there were so many of them being introduced- especially in Ruth's story. This confused me a little as I wasn't sure who was related to who or how they fitted into the story, but as the book went on, they all slipped into place and the book made much more sense. So, overall, this book was an enjoyable and interesting read, which I would recommend.

Posted on: 21st March 2017 at 08:17 pm

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