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Ridwan, Christ's Shadowers

Saint Death

I loved Saint Death as it was a real eye opener to how bad conditions are for those living in Mexico and the trouble they may face in day to day life. Sedgewick has written a believable and pacey story that grips you as you wonder Arturo's fate as problems continue to mount. Along the way you meet fully developed characters from Arturo's past and new people he meets along his difficult journey. I found it interesting how Sedgewick made us feel we were going on the journey with Arturo himself despite the book being written in third person. The characters are consistent with the way the speak and also Arturo matches his character with his thoughts. Sedgewick stays on plot through the story and throws a few surprises you wouldn't expect. Sedgewick was also very clever in keeping us interested as a reader as he leaves us with questions until the very end that we will never know the answer to. In my opinion I believe the end wasn't fully developed and could have been better but it was realistic. My main criticism would be that the blurb is misleading as it first suggests Arturo is trying to cross the border but once you start the book you find out otherwise, also it is suggested Santa Muerte plays a big role in the story yet she doesn't. Overall I believe Saint Death is a great book and would strongly recommend it to anyone and especially someone who's looking for a pacey and gripping book.

Posted on: 1st April 2018 at 06:02 pm

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