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Rocky L, Stanley library

The Journey

The story is told from a child's point of view. The illustrations are simply drawn and show us how their family are caught up in a war which takes the life of their father. It follows their journey to a safer place. The colours change from peaches to greens which suggests this is somewhere colder.

The illustrations we really liked were when heat was shown coming from the cups, kettle and teapot in the form of white lines and how the guards at the border were drawn large to show the family were overwhelmed by their situation. We thought the illustration of the little girl hugging her cat as she had to leave it behind was the most upsetting in the book.
At the end we see a lot of different birds that have migrated happily flying together. We realise that if people could get on better together this family would never have had to leave their home.

Posted on: 15th May 2017 at 03:06 pm

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