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Robert, Dartford Grammar School

Wed Wabbit

Wed Wabbit is a thrilling story which is a joy to read. The manipulation of reality and mythic is superb allowing the author to broaden the description of the story. However,the story has to get some credit for not involving the reader consistently through the whole book. This can be inferred since the author-Lisa Evans -doesn't refer to the reader in jokes or specific times in the story. Believable? I would say it is a definite 'no' because a harmless teddy becomes the antagonist in the story and someone's imaginary things come to life- nobody will consider that believable. If I were the judge,I would congratulate the book -as a positive- for its description and the varied ways of manipulating the English language. As a whole, it was very good.

Posted on: 2nd April 2018 at 10:24 am

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