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The Bone Sparrow

Emotional. Sentimental. Memorable. These are all words I would use to describe 'The Bone Sparrow'. Subhi is an imaginative refugee who was born in a detention centre, oblivious to the outside world. As the story progresses, the only things keeping him sane are Eli (his best friend), Jimmie and her stories and his night sea, the only thing left which can wash away his troubles. This book uses descriptive language to provide a meaningful atmosphere of tragedy and longing within the camp. moving forth with the story, it provides you with a sense of misery and desire before everything kicks ff. Desperation floods through the camp, intruding the readers mind. I personally adore this book because every chapter unlocked a new emotion and the way in which it was written perfectly compliments its genre. All in all, a sensational book, worthy of reading for those who have a strong emotional gate.

Posted on: 15th May 2017 at 05:13 pm

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