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Anastasia, St Helen and St Katharine

Where the World Ends

I'm sad to say I found this book a big disappointment, although the description (mainly of birds) is phenomenal, the story line has potential to be thrilling & emotional but instead, is rather bland.
This story is based on a true tragedy and showed how much humans can adapt to stay alive. The plot seemed to ramble on about unnecessary detail and is mainly aimed at bird fanatics and/or Christians. Throughout the book the characters interacted as I’d expect them to and stayed in character. I think that if the author went through the book, edited it and generally made it less tedious, it could definitely be more enjoyable. The story is rather dramatic as there is plentiful illness, sorrow and death but, it is not written in a style that I enjoy; it is composed in a slightly monotonous way.
Despite my complaints, the story displays heaps of interesting vocabulary and description which I congratulate the author on as it added interest to the book. I don't think this is ‘my type of book’ as it created a rather gloomy mood, though it’s possible other readers will enjoy ‘Where the World Ends’.
I wouldn’t recommend this book but, do think it could be improved as it has potential. I rate ‘Where the World Ends’ 5/10.

Posted on: 3rd April 2018 at 03:24 pm

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