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Bartosz, Chapter 7

Wed Wabbit

I really enjoyed the book "Wed Wabbit" because it was interesting how a person who is 10 years old gets sucked into her 4-year-old baby sister's version of her favourite book, "The Land Of The Wimbly Woos", The reason it is her sister's version is because it has all of her favourite toys in it, her favourite one named Red Rabbit, but is called Wed Wabbit because she can't pronounce her 'Rs', being the evil dictator. Another reason it is her own version is because she drew on some of the book characters and you could see that the way the main character explains it. One final reason it is like her own world is because it has all of the things she hates most in Wed Wabbit's dungeon. But the Land Of The Wimbly Woos being her own version is not the only reason I like the book. I also like it because It has lots of suspense. I think the book is funny in some places, for example when the main character meets her cousin who has phobias of everything and loses the phobias at the end, or when the main character has a conversation with Wed Wabbit because Wed Wabbit can't pronounce his Rs like his owner, for example he tells his guards to "Westwain Them!"

Posted on: 4th April 2018 at 04:02 pm

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