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Nia Gordon-Meniru, Ashmole Academy

Wolf Hollow

'Wolf Hollow' is a phenomenal novel, inspiringly written by Lauren Wolk. The story is based upon the pure development of an undeniable friendship between an ex 'War Hero' and an ordinary girl aged twelve. Although the plot is set in a quiet rural town of west Pennsylvania, ' Wolf Hollow' features key themes of: conflict, love, trust, hatred, loneliness and the crucial importance of family.

As the plot progresses, we begin to explore a deeper connection with the two protagonists- Toby( 'the ex War Hero') and Annabelle( 'the ordinary girl aged twelve'). We endure this connection, mainly due to the fact that a heart breaking dilemma is bestowed upon the horizon. That dilemma is Betty. Betty is a character I find hard to sympathise with at all. After all Betty has continuously had a negative reputation of being troublesome, therefore she was sent to the quiet suburbs of 'Wolf Hollow' to spend some 'reflecting' time with her grandparents- the Glengarrys.

The novel is written throughout in the 1st person perspective of Annabelle, which is very engaging to the reader and the development of the plot. In addition having Annabelle as the voice of the book entails an emotional, gripping and personal aspect of the book.

In conclusion, I would rate Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk 4.5/ 5 as it deals with many conflicting aspects of life. I believe Lauren Wolk's intentions were to highlight the most fundamental element of life: 'to not judge a book by its cover'-( in reference to particular characters in the novel) through the light hearted voice of a twelve year old girl. This is effective because it juxtaposes the innocence of youth to the serious matter of judging and acting bias. This is evident in the ending chapter: ' " I regret passing judgement on that man" she said looking not at his grave but into the distance'. I found it compelling to read and would recommend it to readers over 12.

Posted on: 15th May 2017 at 07:18 pm

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