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Mia, CoLA Chatterbooks

Wolf Hollow

I really enjoyed this book because it was an intriguing and gripping story. I found it very gripping because it was a mysterious and that made me want to read more. I also liked the way the author described all the characters. The characters all had different traits such as Betty who wanted to cause trouble and Annabelle who was good and stayed away from trouble.
I think the author made the setting of the book really interesting because it included lots of detail of what the places were like. Everything changed for Annabelle when Betty arrived I liked this because the author explained thoroughly some of the reasons why Betty changed Annabelle's life.

I also liked how the author presented Toby. He was presented as a weird and lonely man. He was thought to be responsible for Betty' disappearance. They thought this because he was missing as well. However, he was not missing he just returned home late because he was getting something from a local trader.

Overall I really enjoyed this book because it had great characters and descriptions.

Posted on: 15th May 2017 at 08:30 pm

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