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Eric, The Hewett Academy Norwich


Beck is a shocking, brutal story, killing little hope with every plot twist.
Like the book's name, Beck is the main character. He endures many hardships along his life journey, many of which can be disturbing and heartless. Some of the problems he experiences are because of racial prejudice as the book is based pre-WW1 (1900s) and that Beck is black, but some others are just painful coincidences/ mishaps with the wrong people.
Many sectors of Beck can be graphic, almost unsettlingly. The two authors managed to create a distinct atmosphere throughout, making the reader grateful for not being in the same situation as him. When Beck finds some comfort or stability, often it disappears as fast as it comes, over time making you doubtful that anything nice is there to last. The creative description causes each stumble to become an agonising plummet from his footing.
Beck is a marvellous, excruciating book. Employing an aggravating plot upon the reader, satisfyingly ending on a joyful cliffhanger.
I recommend Beck to people over 13.

Posted on: 15th May 2017 at 08:53 pm

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