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Charlotte L, Glossopdale Community College

The Bone Sparrow

'The Bone Sparrow' is a very interesting read full of fun and sad events. This book really plays with your emotions.
When I first started to read this book I couldn't really get into it but, as the book progressed I began to wonder what would happen next.
I love the fact that this story has elements of truth twisted into the plot line because not only does it spread awareness but it also makes the book much much more enjoyable personally.
This book gives me many mixed emotions because it makes me want to read on but on the other hand, it makes me want to stand up and open my eyes so I can really see what is happening to the world. Many people choose to ignore these issues and act like they don't exist but really it's all around us and we need to try and realise what is happening.
The characters are very well developed I love the way how there are now similar characters and how everyone involved has a different personality.
I would definitely recommend this book to everyone as it touches upon issues that need to be spoken about more often.
If I were to rate this book it would definitely be a 5/5 as t has an amazing message and an amazing plot line.

Posted on: 15th May 2017 at 10:37 pm

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