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Ms McCabe, Brooke Weston Book Busters

Wed Wabbit

Wed Webbit by Lissa Evans is an extremely clever, and seriously funny story with lots of colourful characters. The story begins in our world with sisters Minnie who is four and cannot pronounce the letter R and ten year old sensible and serious Fidge, who are both still coming to terms with the death of their father two years earlier. When Minnie is taken to hospital after an accident, which Fidge blames herself for, Fidge is sent to stay with her aunt and uncle and spoilt mollycoddled cousin Graham who is scared of doing anything in case he gets hurt. During a strange storm, Fidge, Graham and some of Minnies toys (who all come alive) along with Grahams transitional toy carrot are transported to a surreal land that is ruled by Wed Wabbit who is Minnies favourite toy and now a scary new dictator, along with characters from Minnies favourite book The Wimbly Woos who all speak in rhyme. Wed Wabbit is soaking up all the colour from Wimbley Land and sucking the life out of its inhabitants. Fidge and Graham have to solve the riddles to stop Wimbley Land shrinking and work out how to get back home and save Minnie. Fidge and Graham both change over the course of the story as they discover important lessons about life. I really enjoyed reading Wed Wabbit, a book of fantasy and humour akin to Alice in Wonderland, a future classic in the making.

Posted on: 5th April 2018 at 02:44 pm

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