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Janison, Queen Elizabeth's School

Salt to the Sea

This book is a book that can move your heart. A book of history, a book that will be known forever. It is about an event you probably will not know- the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff! It's about a heartbreaking story, when people affected by the war are trying to find safety, so they board the Wilhelm Gustloff, but that is all I can reveal!
Ruta Sepetys writes a beautiful story of history, where people can discover an event that is probably the worst event that could ever happen. This story would make sure you never want to stop. This story will make you want to find out more. This story will warm your heart.
I found this book amazing, to say the least. I would read it over and over again, if I could, but unfortunately the library at school only allows 2 weeks! I WOULD RATE THIS BOOK TO ANYONE WHO WANTS TO READ A GOOD BOOK! Out of 10, I'll give it 20- it's that good!

Posted on: 16th May 2017 at 01:19 pm

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