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Muna, Swanshurst School

Wolf Hollow

I really enjoyed this book - it had adventure and tension and sadness at the end too as a true friend of Annabelle dies. It had the sort of ordinary storyline you would expect with mean girls and trying desperately to stick up for yourself yet it was completely different as well as Betty became lost and I don't mean a couple of hours searching the house lost, I mean nerve wracking; guilty; where is she? lost which unfortunately, despite their best efforts, doesn't end up too well. However, I loved the use of first person as it really made me sympathise with her when she was facing difficulties and the prologue, (especially the first sentence) was dramatic and just grabs you instantly. Furthermore, the mysterious figure of Toby was nice addition too and it took me ages to figure him out but he's also got a tragic ending too (totally unexpected) but that's what made this book so good and I definitely recommend it. 5 stars!!!!

Posted on: 16th May 2017 at 01:44 pm

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