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Stephanie, QGS Carnegie Critics

Saint Death

It is shocking that the entirety of the book, roughly two hundred and fifty pages is only two days long in the story! Just two days of what was happening in Mexico and on the Mexican-US border and from those two days you have such a clear picture of the terror that is going on, with dangerous cartels and gangs ruling the streets of places like Anapra and Juarez, where the story is set. I think the main theme is loyalty, loyalty to your friends, family and loyalty to what and who you believe in, especially in harsh situations such as the wars in Mexico, gruesomely depicted, with great literary devices, by Marcus Sedgwick. What I think was very clever was to include short information parts at the end of each chapter, to give the reader some backstory to the book. These included facts, emails talking about global warming and paragraphs taking about industrialisation. This book portrays what was happening in Mexico through young people’s eyes like Arturo and Faustino, and old people’s eyes like Carlos and Siggy. This book also incorporates beliefs of the people, like the belief in Saint Death. Lastly, this book shows what gambling can lead to: loss, terror, war and death. I have never read a thriller before but I found Saint Death so captivating and eye-opening and so think it educates you about what is does happen around the world.

Posted on: 11th April 2018 at 12:49 pm

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