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Anila, King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls

The Stars at Oktober Bend

The Stars At Oktober Bend written by Glenda Miller follows the life of Alice, who has a mental disability as a result of an incident which happened when she was 12, which changed her life. As well as Alice,the book also follows Manny, a child soldier, who has witnessed horrific things, things someone his age should never have to see.
In this book we see how much their lives have been impacted by the events in their lives, we see how the people around them are impacted and how they support the main characters. I found it alarming that their ages are so close to ours, additionally it is scary that these things are realistic and happen in everyday life, we just maybe aren't ever made aware of it.
The author's style of writing was extremely interesting as she used poetry, written by Alice in the book, to express the way Alice felt. Also she contrasted the way in which each character wrote,with Alice not fully punctuating her sentences and not writing in full sentences either, whereas Manny would be the opposite. This was particularly effective as the difference between the two characters are highlighted, but despite this, they had many similarities as well, which brought them closer together.
Glenda Miller creates an aura of mystery throughout the book as she takes care not to reveal too much. As well as that she slowly develops their characters and slowly weaves Alice and Manny's stories together.
In summary, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend to anyone 14 and above, due to mature themes dealt with in the book. Again a definite worthwhile read!

Posted on: 30th March 2017 at 04:04 pm

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