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Charlie , Guernsey Schools and Schools' Library Service

Beyond the Bright Sea

Absolutely amazing book. From the start I was given a sense of tranquility and rural beauty, it was a book you could simply enjoy. From chapter to chapter I wasn’t ever disappointed, as one chapter which was so dramatic I would start to read the next and think it wouldn’t be able to match up against the last but each and every time I would enjoy it just as much even if the content was separate. I liked how the book gave an image with each important scene, that is one of my personal favourite parts to this book, I was able to imagine what each place e.g New Bedford, Penikese, and Osh’s island, I was also able to imagine each important character, to contrast this idealistic scenery and happiness was the mystery that Crow encountered and how dark it turned but always returning to the ideal scenery of Crow and Osh’s island without it becoming irritatingly repetitive.

I thoroughly enjoyed the interactions between characters and environments, the relationships between Crow, Osh and Miss Maggie was strong but not cheesy or childish, it was about respect and people could learn some morals from simply reading this book given Crow’s past yet Osh and Miss Maggie didn’t mind the potential threat because they lived Crow for who she was.

Posted on: 11th April 2018 at 02:28 pm

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