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Olivia, Radnor House

The Bone Sparrow

In detail: I have done previous reviews on the book but they have been brief and only been a personal review

warning: this will have spoilers

The Bone Sparrow is a book about refugees in a camp in Australia. There are a few important events in the story including the ending, when a major character dies.(Eli) I thought the ending WAS credible to the entire book especially how it made sense to show death in a real place that shows death.

The books characters are clear and the plot detailed but strong. the book takes you into some side-stories based on books the characters read and the two main points of view in the book

I think when a book has a narrator of two characters (at separate ties) it can make the plot explain more. this book explores 2 characters stories before they meet and become close friends.

Jimmies narrative perspective makes the book have a contrast of the outside of the amp whilst also showing her bad experiences with her mothers death and HER near-death experience, thankfully she does not die.

During the book it was in Chronological order even with the two person perspective

If you enjoy classics, dramas, adventure or realistic books, I thoroughly recommend this book

Posted on: 30th March 2017 at 04:20 pm

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