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Tamzin, BBG Academy

Wolf Hollow

I really liked this book, it is very interesting to read and I didnt want to finish it. The twist caught me by suprise as it was so unexpected. Also I didnt think that the book could get any better. The language and style that the book is written in is very good. I understood every word which I haven't in some of the Carnegie books. The characters in this book made the story better in the way they act and speak. I disliked nothing about this book it was the best carnegie book I have read so far. It was a story set like real life with a bully and the person who was getting bullied didn't want to tell her parents as she was scared of the bully. Some very bad things happened to some of the characters that made me feel bad for them. Overall this was a very good book that i would read again

Posted on: 16th May 2017 at 03:14 pm

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