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Charlotte, West Hatch Readers


I absolutely loved the heart-breaking, mysterious, "Release,". The book is incredibly emotional and I felt everything the main character was feeling. The main part of the book is intertwined with a supernatural, murder type story and although at parts I found this disjointed, as I just wanted to get to the action, I thought the full circle ending that linked it all together was fantastic. The main part of the book follows the story of Adam, a boy who's looking for a release from all his problems that build up throughout the day the book is set in. His ex-boyfriend Enzo is moving away, bringing to the surface the empty hole he left in his heart, that should be filled by his new boyfriend Linus but Adam still doesn't mean it when he says I love you. At work, his Boss has always made Adam uncomfortable but he feels he had no way out when things start to get bad. He can't turn to his family who have to work to run their church and to love him and the one person Adam feel he can turn to might not be there for much longer. The problems Adam faces in, "Release," tackle many issues in our society today. I find the way the book does this is brilliant, it doesn't take away from the haunting atmosphere created and because of this you don't feel you are having a political stance pushed onto you. The problems seem real and therefore you don't feel like the author is smothering you trying too hard to bring awareness to these issues, like so much of what we see and read as teens today does. Overall, this is much more effective. I would definitely recommend this book but not to younger readers as there are quite a few explicit scenes. Overall, "Release," is definitely going to make it into my favourites list and I hope you pick it up and give it a read!
Charlotte xx

Posted on: 12th April 2018 at 04:10 pm

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