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Deeyahni, Chobham Academy Book Group

A Great Big Cuddle

I really enjoyed reading 'A great big cuddle'. My favourite poem is Are you listening? because I love the rhymes that are in there. What I also like about this poem is the facial expression on the little boy's face; I think its so realistic. I noticed on the page that by his feet there was a bowl of knocked over food and I thought that he had a bit of a tantrum - that's why he had that look on his face.
The illustrations were incredible! They're colourful, fun and they make me smile. You can see the characters emotions in the way they are drawn in the book. I especially like the stuffed animals because they're drawn so cutely and I want to pull them out of the book and just cuddle them.
Overall, I really enjoyed reading this fun-filled poetic book!

Posted on: 16th May 2017 at 08:34 pm

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