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Jip, QGS Carnegie Critics

Wolf Hollow

A girl called Annabelle is being bullied at school by a violent girl called Becky. Annabelle becomes friends with a boy called Toby. One day, Becky and her friend Andy, hurt Ruth, Annabelle's friend. Becky blames it on Toby. She does many more bad things and blames it all on Toby. Suddenly, Becky goes missing and it is all blamed on Toby again. Though, it wasn't him, they search for her and find her. She had fallen in a well and needed to go to hospital, she died later of an infection.
This book has a sad ending as Toby has had enough of the blaming and leaves the country, but gets caught and is killed.
I enjoyed this book,but the ending was sad!

Posted on: 16th May 2017 at 08:40 pm

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