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Ms McCarthy, St Richard Gwyn Catholic High School


Rook is so beautifully written, I was moved to tears within the first few pages and again throughout the book. Maybe a large part of this was the story of the injured bird which resonated with my own experiences of finding a fallen bird as a young child. Anthony McGowan writes about nature in such a way that you know he must have experienced these things too. In my case the bird I hand fed eventually came to a sticky end, one which was explained away by kindly parents but then revealed to me later by a not so kind sibling. This short emotional story is about those kinds of family relationships, made difficult by events often out of our control, and the bond and love between siblings and parents which hold us all together. The kindly but sometimes frustrating relationship between Nicky and his brother Kenny weaves through the story and I am now really eager to read the other two stories - Brock and Pike - to understand more of the development of the characters and their relationship with their father.

It is so important for children to be able to read about themselves in the books they choose and with it's themes of poverty, family breakdown, disability and life as a young carer - together with the joys and achievements born of close loving bonds - I will definitely be recommending this book to my students.

Posted on: 20th March 2018 at 10:45 am

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