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Mohammed Mohammed, Devonshire House Prep School

Wolf Hollow

'Wolf Hollow' is a fantastic book. This book has three main characters: Annabelle, Toby and Betty. Annabelle, who lives in a small Pennsylvanian town, is a determined character because she is very eager to let everyone know that Toby had nothing to do with events for which he was blamed. Toby is misjudged; people do not know what he had gone through, like having fought in World War 1. He lives on the hills and he bothers no one. Betty is a villain, an evil child who needs to simmer down. She has ruined Annabelle's life since she arrived at Wolf Hollow. She bullies and grows with wickedness.

I would rate Wolf Hollow an 8/10 because its beautifully written and its mysterious. This book deals with themes of prejudice because Toby is misjudged without people knowing him. It is also unpredictable, like when Betty just turns up missing. My favourite character in Wolf Hollow is Toby because he reminds us that it can be very easy to judge people despite having no idea of the real story.

Wolf Hollow is a moving book and a book that I know I would read again.

Posted on: 16th May 2017 at 11:00 pm

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