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Manan, Chiswick School

The Bone Sparrow

I thought that this was a heart braking tale and I truly enjoyed reading it. The writer created an extremely strong narrative hook and i found it difficult to put the book down. In fact, I found it so difficult that I only put it down twice before I finished it. The writer did an amazing job making the reader empathise with the character Subhi. The description of his first ever steps 'outside' even the dirt outside felt softer. My favourite part in the book was when Jimmy was not able to get inside her house. It is my favourite because the suspense is incredible and you don't know if Jimmy is going to survive. I was surprised when Eli died, however that was not the only surprise in the book. The story could not have been predicted by the wisest person on Earth.

Posted on: 30th March 2017 at 08:02 pm

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