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Courtney, Larkmead Secondary School

The Stars at Oktober Bend

When Alice Nightingale, with fiery red hair, met handsome Manny James they immediately became friends but that friendship grew stronger. Much stronger. Alice Nightingale lives with her gram, who's chest is really bad and sometimes it's hard for her to breathe, and her older brother Joey, their Papa also used to live with them, and they live amongst others who are not like Alice. When Alice was 12, she was beaten up and her Papa shot those hateful people, that is why he doesn't live with them anymore, and he got arrested. Alice had to go into surgery where they did a brain operation. However, this operation made Alice think like a twelve year old. Manny James, came from a different background. The kind of background where you watch your mother and sister die. He was taken in by kind Louisa and Bull James. Will Alice's Papa be released? Will Gram get better? Will Manny and Alice become more than friends?
I really like The Stars at Oktober Bend because it alternates perspectives. I didn't really understand the plot because Alice thinks like she is a twelve year old but that didn't mean that I didn't like the book. I also liked this book because you could find out how hard life was for both Alice and Manny and using alternate perspective made you see what life was really like.
I would recommend this book to 12+ as it does contain swearing.
I really hope you enjoy this book by Glenda Millard!

Posted on: 17th May 2017 at 08:48 am

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