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Abigail O, St Catherines Catholic School


Imagine if you were a mixed race boy, living in a white man’s world. Your mum is the only relative you ever knew and she’d dead. You have nobody left in the world. Imagine if everywhere you went people judged you because of your colour. You can’t pick one because you’re both; you’re stuck in the middle. Alone.
This book is really interesting and educational too. It indirectly tells you how people felt after the abolition of slavery. Beck’s life may be full of tragedy and suffering throughout his teenage years but he finds a way out and leaves all the anguish behind him. Throughout every chapter in this book, Mal Peet makes his reader feel as if they were hidden in the shadows seeing everything that this unfortunate teenager goes through.
Beck proves that every person can find a happy ending and have their own fairytale when he fell in love with a woman nearly twice his age in an attempt to meet the closest thing to family that he’d ever had.
I’m not sure who my favourite character was in this book because there is not much to choose from. So I guess it’s Beck because it’s him that the writer seems to want us to understand. I guess he’s a good character because he’s humble and never seems to give up. I know this because on his way to Vancouver he carried on walking through the thick storm and rain until he fell down unconscious unable to carry on.
My favourite part in Beck was when he ran away from the farmhouse in the beginning. I liked this because even though he didn’t actually plan to steal their money he did it anyway out of anger towards the owners because they were always abusing him since they distrusted him because of his colour.
My least favourite part in this book was the ending because to me it felt rushed as if the author just wanted it to end as quickly as possible. I didn’t like how when Beck fell unconscious someone just carried him back to Grace in the village as if they knew exactly where he came from and when he was brought to the village he was dumped on the floor until he woke up. Later of course he found Grace and they lived ‘happily ever after’. I didn’t like this because in reality a 19 year old would not marry a 32 year old. Also a normal person would bring an unconscious person to a hospital not to their hometown.

Posted on: 17th May 2017 at 10:24 am

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