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Thomas.R, Glossopdale School

Salt to the Sea

'Salt to the Sea' was an interesting book for me as it told about a real story that I had never heard about - the Wilhelm Gustloff - and it was great to experience the events that happened. My favourite part about this book is that it is told from different perspectives of four people in each chapter. A Prussian man, A Polish girl, A Lithuanian doctor and Alfred who works on the Wilhelm Gustloff.

The book is set in world war two when the Red Army (Russia) are advancing on Nazi Germany. Mass evacuation is ordered towards Nazi controlled France and huge ships have been remodeled and changed to ferry thousands of people across the Baltic Sea. These four are only a handful of the almost millions trying to flee the Red Army. They travel across their destinations towards the harbuor where maybe they will be free.

The style of this book is very different from the rest, in the opening chapters it portrays all the characters meeting and when a Red Army solider is shot, they all hear the bang and watch it unfold from each other's perspectives. This was a unique start to a novel and I thought it accompanied the themes well.

In my opinion my favorite character was Florian as he tries to lie and cheat his way on board one of the ferries. He is a deserter and the crime for this would be death so it is interesting to see how he escapes each problem. I would recommend this book to people aged 12-18 as it has got some adult content and brutal murder, and for anyone with an interest in war stories. I give this book five stars as I really enjoyed it because it was so unique.

Posted on: 17th May 2017 at 10:59 am

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