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Katie G, Glossopdale School

Beyond the Bright Sea

I really enjoyed the book "Beyond the Bright Sea" by Lauren Wolk, though some of the book dragged on for too long. Of course not all of the book talked about the same thing over and over, but there were parts where the author repeated herself for some parts...

The three main characters of this book are Crow, Osh and Miss Maggie. When Crow was little her parents put her in a skiff and sent her off to see, not knowing where she would end up. Luckily Osh found her and has been her "dad" ever since he found her. Miss Maggie looked after both Osh and Crow. She made sure everything was going perfectly.

My favourite character of this book would have to be Osh because he is so caring and even when he couldn't take care of her, he still took Crow in as his own - he didn't send her back out on the skiff to travel to a different island.

Since Crow has grown up she has started imagining who her parents were and where she came from. She thought about why her parents didn't want her or couldn't keep her. So all three of the character, Osh, Miss Maggie and Crow set out on an adventure to find out.

Overall this book is very entertaining and I definitely recommend everyone having a read of it!

Posted on: 13th April 2018 at 12:31 pm

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