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Mrs Denwood, Lancaster Royal Grammar School

Where the World Ends

This is absolutely my favourite so far. I liked the idea of it and have always been interested in the idea of existing on the fringes of a civilisation. Like 'After the Fire' it is based on real-life events, although in this case the ending has been slightly amended in a positive way. Of course, everyone will be thinking as they read it about how they would react in this situation and I am convinced I'd be a quivering wreck within days if I hadn't fallen off a slippery cliff first. I even Googled pictures of the Stacs and they are absolutely terrifying. The characters behave in a realistic and believable way, some showing great resilience and bravery and others going quietly crazy. There are some superb plot twists based around John. It's interesting how timeless it is and you quickly forget that the events took place over 200 years ago - it becomes irrelevant. 10/10

Posted on: 13th April 2018 at 02:03 pm

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