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Abi, Christ's Shadowers

Wed Wabbit

Don't let the childish title put you off this fabulous book. The author creates such a realistic picture of life with a younger sibling. You laugh at the teasing, and recognise the frustration. The horrible unintended accident really makes you feel for Fidge - it is like you are there experiencing her feelings. It is really powerfully written.
But then the author demonstrates a totally different skill - hot ability to come to a world of a 4 year olds imagination. It's funny and heartwarming. It doesn't feel like it's written by an adult, because of the language, ideas, and imagination are completely credible and you'll get caught up in this fictional adventure.
But there are deeper themes: facing your fears, being brave, teamwork, and moving on - Fidge's father's death, Graham's suffocating parents, and Minnie's childish lisp.
The book is very human, very clever, and extremely well written; with a great ending.
I really enjoyed reading such a positive, uplifting book - by far my favourite so far.

Posted on: 14th April 2018 at 08:52 pm

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