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Jadene, Ysgol John Bright

Wolf Hollow

Book Review - Wolf Hollow

Wolf Hollow is about a young girl who is being bullied and how that bullying gets out of hand.

My favourite character is Ruth because I feel I can relate to her. The characters seemed very real and incredibly easy to relate to. I think this is because people get bullied often. The story was very unpredictable, especially the ending. This book was very hard to put down because of this. In my opinion the best part of the book was when people started to find the truth about what had happened, which also made me want to read on. This was because i wanted to find out what other shocking discoveries they would find. At some parts of the book I nearly cried at what the main character’s family had to go through. This story nearly made me read the book all in one go, it was that good!

‘Wolf Hollow’ is suitable for my age range (11-13). But it is better for people who like a little bit of gore and tears. From the front cover I think girls would pick it up and read it. But some boys may be interested in reading it as well.

In my opinion this is an amazing and gripping book that everyone needs to read.

Posted on: 17th May 2017 at 01:10 pm

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