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Hannah , Larkmead Secondary School

After the Fire

The book After the Fire is about a girl (Moonbeam) who was part of a religious group and a had a few bad things happen to her. The leader of that group is a cruel man (Father John) and is trusted by everyone except Moonbeam. Then a massive fire happens and all the people in the group are put at terrible risk including Father John. Moonbeam and the rest of the survivors are put into a Municipal Center and are helped to feel better about what happened to them, and how to forget what Father John told them about people who are not in the Lord's Legion. Moonbeam finds it really difficult to talk about how she feels and about what happened to her. But she has to learn how to talk about what happened otherwise she will not be able to move on in life and cope with what will happen after the fire...

Posted on: 15th April 2018 at 01:45 pm

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