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Lyra, Glossopdale School


Rook by Anthony McGowan

This compelling, emotional part of a trilogy is the story of two brothers coming together in order to save a rook that had been left for dead. But Kenny, one of the two brothers, is determined to save the young, beaten rook after it lost a battle with a hawk, while Ricky is struggling with is his school social life.

Two brothers, both completely opposite, go on a walk with their dog, Tina. They stumble across an injured, young rook being attacked by a vicious sparowhawk. As Kenny sees this as an opportunity to save the suffering bird, however, Nicky would rather leave it and let mother nature do its job. Kenny ignores his other brother’s opinion and he manages to rescue the young rook. But trouble at Nicky’s school strikes and his actions leave consequences and he must sort them out.

But like most teenagers, Nicky comes across his crush: a beautiful girl named Sara, and he tries to get her to be his girlfriend. But while Kenny is settling in to his new school, he meets a new friend who he believes is Doctor Who. But can these two-brothers wrapped up in their own lives, save the surviving rook’s.

This fantastic book’s structure is okay: each small chapter is embedded in a small amount of detail but it is extremely effective.

Personally, my favourite character is Kenny because of his many attempts to understand how people around him are feeling is so unusual. I like his characteristics because it is different and his behaviour is very changeable, which is something I can relate too as adjusting to be a teenager.

In conclusion, I would give this incredible, event-filled, short novel a 4 out of 5 stars because it was an easy yet a satisfying read. It only took me a day to read and wanted to read more! I would say this book is excellent for struggling readers and 12+ because there is some swearing in the book.

Overall, I found it very appealing and I think that you should give it a go!

Posted on: 16th April 2018 at 07:49 am

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